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OMFG you guys. 3,000 followers?! WHAT?!

Okay, now that I’m finished freaking out, I just want to send a HUGE thank you out to everyone who took the time to click that little plus sign and follow my blog. After over a year running it, it still completely blows my mind that anyone even knows about my little corner of the internet. If it wasn’t for all of you, I probably would have deactivated a long time ago. But, your continued love and support keeps me coming back every day. 

In honor of this momentous occasion, I decided to do a little follow forever to let you know all of the blogs/bloggers that make this so much fun for me and push me to do/be better for all of you. If you like what I’m doing, these are the people you should probably thank:

# - D

3-primary-colors + allr5facts + allyaustinallymoons + ausllyy + austinswoons + bowsconverseandrikerr5 + cause-were-better-together + converseandhighheels + crazypsycho-ninja + dawzon + dealfa + donttouchmybook

E - K

ellingtoff + everythingrosslynchr5 + flowercrown—rydel + goosepancake + iamfinallyme + irockbows + islukehemmingsevenreal + jessiejlovesu + kataclysmik

L - P

laura-marie-marano + lauramdaily + laurmaranos + laurmaries + lovingtheshow + lynchrubbish + macaroneer + maimitchneerganna + nora-isr + on-the-piano + per5fection

Q - T

r-rydel + r5ismydrug + r5poops + r5rocks + rat-liff + rauses + reydelrikable + rissar5 + rockysgreenguitar + rossbae + rossbrunch + rosscky + rossfied + rosszayn + rydelly-bellyshordude + shorgasms + sundaymorningwithellingtonsupross + taynay101takemyhandillteachyoutodance + twerkr5

U - Z

whenourstarsalign + wishinshewas17 + xofalling4youxo

All of the blogs I follow are really my faves though. If I didn’t love you, I wouldn’t be following. :D

In conclusion, I LOVE YOU ALL SO FREAKING MUCH!!!! Thank you all of my beautiful snowflakes! You’re the best followers in the world! xoxo 

You are so goofy, so kind, so genuine, so lovable, and so incredibly gorgeous — and the only person who manages to do all of that all the time. You make us all laugh and smile without even trying. You have a special personality, and there’s something about you that makes you completely irresistible. You mean so much to me and to so many other people. You are a light when the whole world is dark.

Happy birthday, Ellington Lee Ratliff! You are loved beyond words.

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