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You are so goofy, so kind, so genuine, so lovable, and so incredibly gorgeous — and the only person who manages to do all of that all the time. You make us all laugh and smile without even trying. You have a special personality, and there’s something about you that makes you completely irresistible. You mean so much to me and to so many other people. You are a light when the whole world is dark.

Happy birthday, Ellington Lee Ratliff! You are loved beyond words.

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Crazy, Stupid Love & Endless Heartache (A Lynch Boy Fan Fiction)

Chapter I :  Good Things End, Better Things Begin

     It had been the summer of my dreams.  A summer that was perfect, everything I’d ever wanted it to be. I spent it on the beach — under the sun.  I spent it walking the streets of Los Angeles almost everyday, back and forth from the job I landed in an adorable little photography studio.  I experienced California in so many different ways.  From the small, quaint apartment in Santa Monica, to Sunset Boulevard and the backroads up the mountain on the way to the Hollywood sign.  I spent it in the arms of the boy I fell in love with.  

I’m not going to launch into the story of how we fell in love.  All that matters is that we did.  We met by chance, and it didn’t take long for him to realize that I brought something into his life that he needed.  It didn’t take me much longer to realize that he did the same for me.  It was something we both wanted — had been craving.  

But it wasn’t summer anymore, and I had been doing nothing but bumming around the past 24 hours, torturing myself constantly with the memories and the thought that my time here was ending.  I kept asking myself how I was supposed to go back home, back to normal life — after this, and without him.  There’s nothing wrong with home.  It’s home and I love it.  I love my family and my friends.  But this summer had undeniably changed my life.  I’ll be leaving part of my heart here.  It sucked. 

But that had all changed three hours ago.  The suckiness of my situation had completely dissolved.  I was staring out the window in my messy, cluttered bedroom.  I’d put off packing as long as possible.  I sighed, a complete, purely happy sigh.  I couldn’t wait to tell him.  I’ve been imagining how I was going to tell him.  Imagining for the past three hours.

I’ll probably cry.

But who cares ?  He’ll be so happy.  He’ll hold me tight and tell me how happy he is.  How I’m his everything.  I’ll kiss him, and bury my head in his neck.  If I do cry he’ll brush my tears away gently, and ask me if this is real.  I smiled as I dug my phone out of my pocket and dialed his number.  Voicemail.  Of course.  Why does he never answer his phone?                                                        

"Hey.  It’s me.  I uh, I don’t know if you’re busy or what, but could you meet me?  At our spot, in a half hour?  I need to tell you something.. it’s important.  Okay ?  Kay, bye."

I hung up and looked around my room, ready to face the disaster.  

Ok Em.  Time to get your life back in order.

I started with the mountain of clothes that had piled up in the corner.  I was going to have to do one massive load of laundry.  Actually a couple massive loads of laundry.  

"You want some help with that ?"  

I looked up to see my best friend, slash roomie, standing in my doorway.  She scanned the room.  ”Scratch that.  I can’t even keep my own room clean, why would I help you with yours ?” 

"Lindsey !"  I bounced over to her and grabbed her hands, jumping up and down.  "Guess what !"

She didn’t join my happy dance.  ”God Em, what ?”  I laughed at her.  She was so confused.  ”Should I be scared ?”  I stopped jumping and looked at her, smiling like an idiot, because I had no idea how to control my happiness.  ”Maybe.  You tell me.  How do you feel about having to deal with me for a while longer ?”

"Ah my gawd !  Are you serious ?  You’re allowed to stay ?"  My expression told her everything, and she started squealing.  "Ah my gawd, you’re allowed to stay !"  We danced around like little girls.

Lindsey was my best friend, more like a sister.  I had met her my first week in California; her family’s house was right across from the condo my parents had rented for a month.  She was one of those people that you instantly know you were supposed to meet.  She was strange at first, but that’s why we clicked.  She lived in Northridge, right outside of Los Angeles her whole life, and it was because of her that I adapted so fast.  She transformed me into a Cali girl in no time.  And I loved her for it.  She was quirky, fun, and carefree.  She lived exactly the way I wanted to, and she marched through life in a way that I hoped to be able to someday.  I told her of my dreams to make it in the entertainment industry.  She advised to start in a small place, doing something at the bottom and on the outside, but close enough to observe the business and learn.  Photography was fascinating, beautiful, and a good place to start.  It was through Lindsey’s connections that I got my job as an assistant.  Sherri Blake — an amazing and insanely experienced photographer that owned a studio in downtown L.A.  I got paid to follow her around.  Do starbucks runs and learn her trade at the same time.  Like a paid internship.  I loved it.

It took more than a little convincing for my parents to let me move in with Lindsey when she rented her own apartment in Santa Monica.  She has great persuasion skills, not to mention a pretty face, and even though she’s only nineteen, my parents agreed.  They saw how much I loved it here, and when our month long vacation was over, they cracked and agreed to let me stay until mid August.  We were girls enjoying a summer we hoped would never end.  And the fact that it didn’t have to end yet — I was so happy. 


I was sure I was going to have a heart attack.  The excitement and anticipation was causing my heart to beat so fast I thought maybe it would explode out of my chest

This has to be unhealthy.

I was waiting for him in our spot.  In the park — our park, under our tree.  This was the place where’d I’d fully understood how much I loved him.  It’s also where he told me he would wait for me.  He had assured me that even though I was leaving, we would make it.  

"Em ?"  

I turned around.  There he was, all perfect and blonde.  I ran to him and flung myself into his arms.  I was already crying.  And he held on to me so tight, until he realized it.  He pried my arms from his neck, and looked at me, questions and worry all over his face. 

"I get to stay !"  I jumped into his arms again.  

"Riker, I get to stay !" 


r5 fans..


I just want you all to know how much you mean to me and the rest of the band. We love you all, every single one of you. And we will always love you and appreciate you more than you know. No matter what happens. Our biggest dream is to tour the world so we can meet and play our music for all of you. Just know that no matter what, we will always stay true to who we are.

Rock on!
-riker and R5

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